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Getting married is one of the most anticipated and exciting times of your life. And your honeymoon can be the most exciting and romantic trip you will ever take, since it represents a celebration of your love, your new marriage, and the lifetime commitment you have made. How do you get that "perfect" honeymoon? As with everything else that involves marriage, it is vitally important that you talk with your future spouse. Communication between partners is absolutely essential in a strong and enduring marriage--whether it be about financial decisions, the in-laws, or raising the kids. That communication channel can begin with the planning of the wedding ceremony and certainly with the decisions concerning the honeymoon. Welcome to hexedjournal.com, a website devoted exclusively to help you find, plan and truly enjoy that enchanted "once in a lifetime" honeymoon.

Here at hexedjournal.com, thanks to a tedious and deliberate search of the Internet, we have uncovered valuable sites, unbelievable prices and packages, easy-to-use, free information about honeymoon planning and hundreds of resources, tips and advice on having the idyllic getaway. Whether it is a Caribbean cruise and a skiing adventure in the Alps which most attracts you, this site was designed with you in mind.

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Finding out what your future spouse has for honeymoon expectations and matching them with yours is a good place to begin when planning a honeymoon. Do you want to go around the block, or around the world? Do you want the honeymoon to be exciting and adventurous or lazy and relaxing? Do you want to save money, or really splurge on a big ticket vacation? Do you want sunshine or snow? (Hawaii or the Canadian Rockies) Do you want to marry in the same place you plan to honeymoon? Answering these questions can help insure that your honeymoon will fulfill your wildest dreams.

Remember, the best reason for a honeymoon is to rest, relax and regroup after the stresses and rigors of planning and conducting your wedding. The peace of mind which it can bring is worth every penny. Even if you are already living together, you will need to get away and relax after all the work you have done to get to this point. Do not treat your honeymoon like another vacation; it is a very special time! A time to bond, to set new directions, lay out goals as a married couple, and to renew your romance.

According to ancient traditions, the word "honeymoon" is based upon the practice of newlyweds drinking mead, called bride ale, which was produced from fermented honey. This beverage was consumed during the first month (and therefore "moon") of marriage. The fermented drink supposedly increased virility and fertility and, consequently, the first month of marriage was referred to as the honeymoon. It is only within the last 50-60 years, however, that honeymoons have gained wide popularity. With so-called "honeymoon destinations" emerging--Cancun, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Tahiti, Italy, Las Vegas, New Orleans--these post-wedding trips offered ordinary citizens a taste of what it was like to be wealthy. Chances are good that honeymoons are here to stay.

If you would like additional, free information about planning, costs, destination spots, or honeymoon registries please visit our site. It is filled with hundreds of reliable and current resources and offers wonderful advice and tips to assist you in having the honeymoon of your dreams. The honeymoon you so richly deserve!

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