Having a web-site is great. You can advertise your business at a very reasonable price, potential customers can look around your web-site and find out more about your business and what you do - but how do you know who's on?

This pioneering piece of software tells you more about your site viewers - and gives you the opportunity to sell your product to customers who may not have acted otherwise.

A web-site is a great investment - but who's on is a better one.

Not only do you get reports, live analysis of your site viewers and the opportunity to talk with them - you also get to monitor your online marketing campaigns - see your viewers and what page of your site they are on as they move around and even see what company they are visiting from.

This program provides an amazing opportunity to do more with your web-site - encourage action from your visitors and improve your sales through your web-site.

Substantially increase your sales through your web-site.

Although that isn't the only benefit. If you are as customer service focused as us here at Broadbean Ltd - you can offer your customers a new benefit with Who's On. Include on your site your 'Live Support' - a visitor logs onto your support pages on your site and your support staff can be notified when a support query comes in and respond to them live online!

Saving time (and money) on the phones - sort your queries out more quickly and at your and your customer's leisure.

Offer another customer service benefit, for such a small price.

Of course, you can use whos on for whatever you require - whatever suits your business.

The price for this service is incredible. 20 per month for your first license and 12 per month for every additional license, payable by the month with no long term contracts - simply give a 30 day notice - if you ever want to give it up that is!!

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